🔴 A to Z Alphabets With Spellings | Learn Spelling of Words from A to Z for Children

May 16, 2020

Learn spelling of words for the alphabets A to Z, for children. Simple and easy with the right pronunciations.

The words are as follows …
A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Car, D for Dog, E for Elephant, F for Fan, G for Grapes, H for Horse, I for Ice Cream, J fo Jug, K for Kangaroo, L for Lion, M for Mango, N for Nest, O for Orange, P for Pineapple, Q for Queen, R for Rose, S for Ship, T for Tree, U for Umbrella, V for Violing, W for Wheel, X for Xylophone, Y for Yak, Z for Zebra


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