10 Science Projects for Elementary School Students by Lab 360

April 23, 2020

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Skip Ahead To One Of The Following Experiments:

0:13 – Avoiding Pepper
1:28 – Dancing Raisins
2:39 – Diving Ketchup
4:32 – Duck Call
5:38 – Motion On The Ocean
7:35 – Put Out A Candle Without Blowing It Out
9:15 – Snake Bubbles
12:41 – Singing Glasses
14:35 – Scary Slime
17:17 – Soda Can Jump

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About channel: Looking for authentic science demonstrations? You’ve landed at the right place. Science experiments provide hours of fun and we believe in keeping it simple and awesome at the same time. Find easy science experiments for people of all ages to do at home. Have a look at our fun experiments from LAB 360!

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