3rd Grade Spelling Bee Training Video

May 2, 2020

Please use this video to help you practice and study for spelling bees. A few years ago I made some spelling bee videos for my students at an English language school in Japan. They were only intended for my students but I found people all over the world watching the videos. However, as they were designed for kids learning English as a second language, they were a little easy. I had a few requests to make some videos aimed at students in English speaking countries and I finally got round to making some!!Please let me know in the comments if the words are too difficult, too easy etc… and let me know what score you got! Keep checking back for more videos!
You can find the 1st grade video here: https://youtu.be/El-bqbaFpRg
You can find the 2nd grade video here: https://youtu.be/hradldBmqmk

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