Awesome elementary OS Productivity apps

August 16, 2020

elementary OS has passed 117 total apps in the AppCenter, with more than 87 available already for elementary Juno. With this healthy growing number, it’s time we take a look at some useful productivity apps !

Fairly new to the AppCenter, Timetable is another product of Lains, a very prolific eklementary OS app developer, responsible for notejot, a simple note taking app, quilter, which we’ll talk more about in a minute, or Aesop, a nicely designed PDF reader.
Timetable aims to let you organize your week by creating tasks for each day. Very simple in appearance, it allows you to set colors for tasks, to group them by urgency, or by project, and lets you select the time period for each.
Timetable is perfect for creating your student schedule, or simply organizing a very busy week. You can switch the color scheme between three different ones, although the differences are minor, and choose to display the weekend days or not.
Timetable is available in the AppCenter for free.

Spice Up
One you might already know, SPice Up is a very good looking presentation making app. It comes with nice pre-made templates, and has been steadily updated durint 2018. It now supports transitions between slides, presenter notes, and as always, you can add text, images, and basic shapes to your slides, with a bunch of color options, as well as the ability to export to PDF.
It’s no LibreOffice competitor in terms of features, but for simple, easy to creates slide decks you don’t have to share, it’s a fantastic tool !
Spice Up is available on the AppCenter with an asking price of 20$, which I find quite steep, bu as alaways with elementary, you’re free to choose the amount you’d like to pay for it !

Quilter is one of my favorite elementary OS apps. Another one of Lains products, it’s a simple but efficient markdown editor. It has been updated recently to receive a sidebar to handle multiple files, and works with two modes;: the edit mode, where you type using the markdown syntax, and the preview mode, where you look at the content as it’s being rendered.
Quilter supports three color schemes, white, sepia, and dark, and even has a focus mode, to focus on the line or paragraph you’re writing, and making the rest of your text fade in the background.
THe preferences allow you to tweak how the focus mode works, how the interface looks, as well as enabling spellchecking.
Quilter is available for free, and is a serious contender for the the number one spot on my list of apps which I like to write with.

If you have to connect to FTPs regularly, Taxi is the app you need. It allows you to connect to FTP, SFTP, DAV? and AFP file servers, with upload, download, and even supports favorites to remember your connections and login / passwords.
It’s available for 10$ on the AppCenter

Minder is a mind-mapping app, that supports node layouts, multiple color schemes, as well as exporting to a lot of various file formats, such as JPG, PNG, PDF, markdown or even XML. It can rearrange node, mark nodes as tasks, can import images, and a lot more !
It’s available for free in the AppCenter.

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