Cozy Grammar’s Free Cozy Spelling Course

December 1, 2019

Win Two Lifetime Subscriptions to All of Marie’s Courses! Enter by December 15 at Cozy Grammar announces the release of their free Cozy Spelling Course, based on the time-tested curriculum of the beloved English teacher, Marie Rackham.

Speaking to us from the beach next to a charming old lighthouse, David Mielke, the producer and director of the Cozy Grammar Series of Streaming Video Courses, announces the release of a FREE OFFERING: MARIE’S COZY SPELLING COURSE.

MARIE’S COZY SPELLING COURSE is a 36 week, text and audio based curriculum that teaches the spelling of 600 words at the 7th grade level. It contains different Monday to Friday activities, including pretests, exercises, dictation sentences, spelling rules, final tests, and answer keys. It’s thorough, efficient, and easy to follow.

David explains that it’s the same course Marie taught when he was a student in her 7th grade classroom, and in the spirit of how she read the spelling words and dictation sentences aloud to him back then, he recorded special audio tracks to read them aloud to you now.

“Just as Marie helped me to develop confidence in my spelling skills,” he says, “I hope her time-tested Cozy Spelling Course will do the same for you. As Marie would say, ‘Good luck, have fun, and remember: No one fails if they have the tools.'”

Featured Music:
J.S. Bach, Goldberg Variation 18, performed by Marie Rackham.

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