elementary OS 5.0 Juno – Complete Review

May 29, 2020

elementary OS 5.0 Juno has been released ! Here is a video tour of most new features.

Link to announcement : https://medium.com/@cassidyjames/471dfdedc7b3
Download elementary OS Juno: https://elementary.io/

On my system, it uses about 1Gb of RAM when Idle, which is definitely not lightweight, but on modern systems, it’s not really an issue. CPU consumption seems down from Loki on my hardware. Installation was quick, as always, using the older Loki installer.

The desktop
Window tiling is now greatly enhanced. You’ll get an overlay telling you where your window will snap to when you drag it to a side or the top of the screen. And if you resize one the windows, the other one will also resize automatically to void any overlap.

You also get a picture in picture mode. When playing a video, press “command + F” to make a selection cursor pop up. Select the window or part of the screen you want to keep in focus, and it will put that video in a little always on top frame that you can move or resize and stay across workspaces.

Night light is a new feature as well, allowing you to reduce the amount of blue light your screen emits, to reduce eye strain. You can enable it manually, or set it automatically for a specific time period.

Look and feel
First, the icons: they have been tweaked to use a more vibrant palette. The frst most noticeable change is the folders in “files”; they now sport a manila folder look instead of the blue theme of Loki.
The dark mode has been improved for more legibility, notably with sliders and checkmarks icons, that are just a little easier to make out on the dark background. Icons also have been added to the infobars in applications. New styles have been added to Code and Terminal, for example, allowing you to choose a color constrast that suits you, and on these apps, tabs have been made aware of that color, so that it looks more consistent.


You now also have a “fund” button in each app’s listing, allowing you to contrbute to an app you would already have paid for, to encourage the developer to keep updating it and refining it.
The payment dialog has also seen some improvements, with a clearer icon, and better card number formatting. The CVC field is now hidden when the payment window is not in focus.

Photos and Music
Photos now sports a dark theme to really make your pictures shine. A lot of bugs have been fixed on this new version, and the sliders have been adjusted to make use of color. FOr example, the temperature slider now lets you know which color temperature you’ll be moving towards.

Music has seen a lot of love, with a steamlined interface, more coherent with the rest of the syste. When opening an album, a ice sidebar will show up, listing all songs and ratings. Album art is now picked up from the images in each albums folder as well. Stability and performance also have been improved.

7Files and terminal
Files now sports the new manila colored folders. It also automatically adds a “/” symbol at the end of the file path in the address bar, and folders you already have opened in another tab will now use an “open folder” icon. Files supports Hi DPI as well, and has seen a lot of code cleanup to use more standard system libraries. Selected items in files will also show a nice grey background to make it easier to see which folder or file is currently selected.

The terminal is still one of the most beautiful app of its kind. It now allows you to choose between three color schemes. There is also a new fontsize adjustment section to make the text more legible. You can disable the copy paste protection as well in the copy paste protection dialog, but I could not find a way to toggle it back on afterwards.

Elementary Code, or Scratch, as it was known in Loki, has been transformed into a complete IDE. A new status area has been added to the header bar to play with tab and space settings, the syntax highlighting, as well as a “go to line” feature. Code now supports the theree same themes as the terminal, with tabs adapting to match.

Code has an all new git integration, with indicator icons to let you know which files have changed or are not commited yet, and spaces for selected text and trailing whitespace are now drawn by default.


Epiphany is still based on webkit, with support for modern standards. Its rendering has been improved, and its performance is now a little better. The user interface has received a few changes here and there, with new bookmark management, zoom and search buttons in the system menu, and sound icons on tabs which are playing audio. THe best new feature in epiphany is firefox account sync support.

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