Elementary OS 6 Odin Update Preview – Noticeable Changes in Latest Early Access Builds

October 27, 2020

New changes in Elementary OS 6 Odin that I bet you would love it. This is an updated video that I shared earlier. Check previous video here for full walk-through https://youtu.be/QblzFtnxiVU

Create Multiboot USB Drive : https://youtu.be/KempqE30qj0
Install Oracle VM VirtualBox : https://youtu.be/ivCFzB16wm4

What’s New in Latest Build?
The first visual change we will see is a dark mode system which now supports a wider range of applications, including :
– Files
– Calendar
– Screenshots
– Calculator
– Camera
– Music
– Tasks

Unfortunately, App Center, Epiphany browser, pantheon mail, and code still doesn’t support this. For the last thing, you have to toggle it manually.

This update also brings 2 new aesthetic wallpapers. I also noticed little changes to the arrow icons used for the back and forward buttons on files and web browser.

Elementary OS 6 Release Date?
The eOS team doesn’t publish any release dates. Their philosophy is “It will be released when it is ready”. That’s the reason why you couldn’t find anything.

Download Elementary OS 6
Odin is still in heavy development, so there are still possibilities for other changes to be implemented by the team. However, you can get Elementary OS 6 early access builds from https://builds.elementary.io.

So that’s all I can share bout. Thanks for watching.

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