Elementary School History Quiz

April 30, 2020

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Question 1: Who seized power of Libya in 1969 in a bloodless military coup?
Answer a: Jakaya Kikwete
Answer b: Bingu wa Mutharika
Answer c: Muammar Gaddafi
Answer d: Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Question 2: Who was Confucius?
Answer a: A Chinese thinker and social philosopher
Answer b: A king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire who conquered Jerusalem
Answer c: The founder of the Falun Gong movement
Answer d: The biblical betrayer of Jesus

Question 3: Who was a long time leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)?
Answer a: John Majors
Answer b: Anwar Sadat
Answer c: Yasir Arafat
Answer d: Leonid Brezhnev

Question 4: Angela Merkel won a third term as head of government in which country in 2013?
Answer a: Tanzania
Answer b: Mongolia
Answer c: Canada
Answer d: Germany

Question 5: Despite its name, the arctic country once known as Greenland is covered mostly in what?
Answer a: Snow And Ice
Answer b: Flowers And Dirt
Answer c: Trees And Bushes
Answer d: Grass And Sand

Question 6: What title wasn’t used in Egypt until the 18th Dynasty, which was roughly from 1500 to 1300 BCE?
Answer a: Great Speaker
Answer b: Czar
Answer c: Pharaoh
Answer d: Raja

Question 7: In 1993, Aboriginals in Australia won the right to claim land lost to whom 200 years ago?
Answer a: Asian Colonists
Answer b: European Colonists
Answer c: African Colonists
Answer d: American Colonists

Question 8: Nectanebo II was what ancient nation’s last native-born pharaoh?
Answer a: Rome
Answer b: Egypt
Answer c: Phoenicia
Answer d: Babylonia

Question 9: Who participated in the “triangular slave trade”?
Answer a: France, America And England
Answer b: England, Africa And America
Answer c: China, Holland And Africa
Answer d: Spain, America And China

Question 10: Who is closely associated with two Mediterranean islands, Corsica (as he was born in Ajaccio) and Elba (where he was exiled)?
Answer a: Richard the Lion-Hearted
Answer b: Francisco Franco
Answer c: Julius Caesar
Answer d: Napoleon Bonaparte

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