Elementary school students start online classes amid COVID-19 outbreak

April 24, 2020

코로나19 여파…초등학교 1~3학년 온라인 개학

Starting today, all students, from grade one through 12 have begun the spring semester online.
To learn what school life is like with the changes implemented due to the virus, our Jang Tae-hyun went to a household with three youngsters.
Many school students and their parents had a busy day on Monday as online classes for elementary grades 1 to 3 finally got underway.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, schools are still closed and elementary students are among the last to start online classes.
Those in grades 1 and 2 watch EBS educational programs on television or use the Internet…while third graders take remote classes using their smart devices or computers.
But, there are concerns that some students won’t understand the current situation or that they will have a hard time taking online classes.
However, education experts say that children above the age of 7 are capable of understanding why they can’t go to school and emphasized that their health is more important.
“Online classes are shorter than in school, so I had more time to play. But, it’s kind of sad that I can’t play and talk with friends during break time.”
But it’s not just the children who are trying to adjust as parents are also trying to get used to this new system.
“We have more freedom because the children can take online classes anytime. But the problem is that parents need to help them to stay focused.”
Students may encounter technical problems when studying online, but there are ways to overcome them.
“Parents can practice using the technology in advance. They can try to click the buttons or set a password, then practice again with the child.”
South Korea has implemented online classes to all levels of students.
There will be a period of adjustment, but it could be a great opportunity to learn in a new way.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News

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