Fun Game For Child English Vocabulary (8 to 10 Years)

November 16, 2019

Benefits for the child
1. Being able to work on verbal association.
2. Learning of new vocabulary

1. Three sets of words are provided below under the
categories – Easy, Medium and Challenging.

Easy spelling words
About, agree, above, across, alert, among, angry, annoy,
another, award, aware, badge, basic, battle, beast, board,
build, burst, cactus, careless, chase, chimney, circus, close,
clothing, coach, coming, crawl, deaf, double, equal,
evening, everything, flour, flower, froze, garbage, growl,
hollow, honey, hoping, include, insist, jeans, kitchen, lace,
laugh, little, marble, match, midnight, monkey,
newspaper, offer, pillow, porch, recover, remember,
report, riddle, scale, scrape, scream, seashore, season,
shallow, shrimp, sidewalk, simple, slate, sleeve, stepped,
stopped, strong, thrill, ticket, title, torch, trace, unlock,
wonder, write.

Medium difficulty spelling words
Actor, addition, advice, against, ahead, amount, annual,
answer, apiece, argue, author, avoid, beetle, borrow,
breath, calm, canal, cannon, central, charge, collar,
continue, creation, cried, daily, decorator, device,
direction, earthquake, enough, excuse, fraction, furniture,
ghost, guess, ignore, island, journal, judge, kept, ledge,
lettuce, manage, mention, narrate, nineteen, noisy, often,
palm, people, portion, praise, remark, repair, royal, shear,
slept, station, steam, strange, stretch, sweat, terrible,
themselves, thirsty, throne, tried, trouble, understand,
until, vacation, visitor, vocal, wander, weave, whenever,

Challenging spelling words
Arithmetic, avenue, beggar, bridge, caution, celery, cellar,
century, chute, cough, couple, court, cousin, daughter,
exercise, freight, fulfill, general, genius, gentle, giraffe,
glacier, height, hydrant, icicle, image, issue, measles,
nation, naughty, notion, ocean, plight, poise, poison,
position, regular, remain, rough, scarce, statue, stockings,
taught, throat, tomorrow, tough, unknown, unlikely,
unusual, usual, value, vegetable, voyage, width.

2. All sets of words are age appropriate and levelled to
the vocabulary of your child (8-10 years).

3. Using one word from each set; ask your child to form a

4. This could be a written activity or a spoken one –
whichever skill your child needs more focus on

5. The words need not be in any specific order in the

6. The child can also use more than one word from each
set in the sentence formed, but there has to be one
from each set.

7. Your child can use the past, present, future or present
continuous tense of any of the words.

8. You could do this activity with your child or allow her
to work on this independently.

Some examples done by children:
1. I agree that addition is the easiest thing to do in

2. I want to avoid everything that makes me cough.

3. The statue by the sidewalk fell due to an earthquake.

Learning Impact
1. Language and vocabulary skills
2. Cognitive thinking skills
3. Speaking skills

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