Gnome vs Pantheon (elementary OS 5.0 vs Ubuntu 18.04)

April 22, 2020

A battle between Gnome & Pantheon! Also, it’s basically elementary OS 5.0 vs Ubuntu 18.04.

As I said a few times in the video, some people will be unhappy with this comparison. Sure, I could have used Fedora, openSUSE, or Manjaro instead of Ubuntu but then there would be different kernels, acl’s, subsystems, and so on.

Also, inb4 people say “zomg Gnome only uses 500mb on my Manjaro install!!” – that’s great. However, most people that use the Gnome desktop are probably using Ubuntu considering Ubuntu is currently the most popular Linux distro on the desktop.

I also left out a few apps such as the Calculator and Camera apps. This video is already a bit longer than my traditional videos and I didn’t think the omission of two relatively simple apps would make a difference.
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