GROWN MAN enrolled into my Elementary school

May 1, 2020

Disclaimer: It is never ok to go out of your way to find or harass someone. Even people like these morons. So don’t ever do it (also you could put yourself in danger)

Took off the link on these pathetic morons…cuz I dont want to get sued or something. But aye, if you guys find it on your own, that’s not my fault ;).
Completely off topic, around the time I was in elementary school, I lived in a growing city called SURPRISE Arizona. Lol weird right?

Hey everyone hope you guys enjoy this video. Please be safe tonight and stay away from any shady characters :D.
Also….groggle donk dips

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Kevin MacLeod’s: “Come Play with me” and “Ghost Story”

Outro Song used: glu70- Reach your destination

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