How to get Mac OS X Mojave features in elementary OS

April 24, 2020

So, WWDC 2018 is over, and Apple announced Mac OS X Mojave. Some of those features might look pretty good to you, so here are a few that you can already get right now on elementary OS !

Link to Komorebi:

First is Dark Mode: with a quick install of elementary Tweaks, this can already be yours !
Dynamic desktop is feasible, with the help of Komorebi, a handy app to use animated wallpapers or even create your own !
Desktop stacks don’t exist yet, but the “Desktop Folder” app allows you to create folders on the desktop where elementary OS doesn’t allow it by default.
To view photos metadata in your file browser, Dolphin is your best ally 🙂
Screenshots can already be taken in elementary OS, and while the workflow to edit them isn’t as easy as what was announced on Mac OS X, it’s still pretty handy !
Finally, to record your voice, just install Sound recorder from the App Center and go nuts !

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Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod

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