How To Remember Vocabulary & Learn New English Words spelling in Hindi Video Urdu Tutorial

January 21, 2020

Ifactner gives 12 tips on how to remember vocabulary, learn new English words, memorize spellings in English through Hindi, Urdu. Remembering vocabulary and memorizing spelling of English words is important to write and speak English fluently and confidently.
Ifactner give following tips to Indians, Pakistanis and people who understand Hindi or Urdu about how to improve English vocabulary and use the new words in daily English conversation:

1. Senses : Listen, read, speak & write new words down
2. Repetition : Write and repeat many times with meaning
3. List : Make a list of difficult words
4. Pictures / movies : You can use book with pictures or watch Youtube videos of vocabulary with pictures, movies

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5. Association : Associate the words with different situations if pictures can’t be associated with them
6. White board : Use White board, poster, pages
7. Phone / Tablet : Use sticky notes, text pad or notepad on phone
8. 5 words per day : Try to remember 5 new words everyday and repeat them at the weekend and once a month

English grammar in Hindi, Regular verbs and English sentences with c through Hindi, Urdu

9. Sentences : Use the words in different sentences (Make 2 sentences with each new word)
10. Similar meaning : Try to remember the words with similar meanings
11. Similar sound : You can use the words with similar sounds in English or in Hindi / Urdu
12. Communicate : Try using those words in daily communication in Hindi / Urdu

English speaking practice full video | Talking in English through Hindi बच्चों से बात करना

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The lessons of this full course are developed for non native English speakers who know Hindi or Urdu. First, you follow the videos and listen to the instructor. The delivery language of this how to improve vocabulary course is Hindi. Everyone needs to master the English vocabulary to be able to understand, listen, read, write and speak English. You can find better jobs and pass competitive exams if you know the English vocabulary and meaning of difficult words. You should follow all the reading, listening and writing instructions. Write down all the rules as instructed in the video tutorials.

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