How to Say and Spell 183 English Words

June 20, 2020

FREE English Material:
English spelling is notoriously difficult, even for native English speakers.
Very often, the letters used to spell the word and the pronunciation of the word differ greatly.
It can be embarrassing to make spelling errors in emails or other correspondence.
Such spelling mistakes can damage your career prospects.
I designed this English Activation Pack to activate your English spelling skills.
Exam English
For students who are taking English exams, a lot of spelling mistakes can have a detrimental effect on your overall score.
In the writing part of the exam, you will lose valuable marks for spelling mistakes.
In the listening part of the exam, you will lose valuable marks if you can’t understand how words are spelt.
I have created this English Activation Pack to help you avoid spelling mistakes for over 180 words in English and in your exams.
Included Words
The words included in this English Activation Pack are: Access, Accessible, Accidentally, Accommodate, Accommodation, Acceptable, Achievable, Acknowledge, Acquire, Acquit, Across, Address, Affect, Amateur, Apparent, Arctic, Argue, Argument, Ascend, Assess, Atheist, Attendance, Autumn, Begin, Beginning, Believe, Beneficial, Benefit, Calendar, Capable, Caribbean, Category, Cemetery, Changeable, Circumstance, Circumstantial, Colonel, Column, Commit, Committed, Conscience, Conscientious, Conscious, Consensus, Convalesce, Copyright, Copywriter, Decline, Deductible, Definite, Definitely, Descend, Describe, Desperate, Despite, Disappoint, Discipline, Discreet, Display, Dispute, Ecstasy, Effect, Eighth, Embarrass, Entrepreneur, Environment, Exaggerate, Exceed, Excellent, Exception, Excess, Excite, Excited, Exhilarate, Existence, Fascinate, Fiery, Foreign, Forth, Forty, Fourth, Gauge, General, Government, Gracious, Grateful, Great, Guarantee, Handkerchief, Harass, Height, Hierarchy, High, Humorous, Hundredth, Ignorance, Independence, Indict, Indispensable, Influence, Influential, Inoculate, Intelligence, Jewellery, Judgement, Kernel, Knowledge, Leisure, Liaison, Library, Licence, Literature, Loose, Lose, Maintain, Maintenance, Manoeuvre, Mediaeval, Millennium, Miniature, Miscellaneous, Mischievous, Necessary, Neighbour, Noticeable, Oblige, Occasion, Occasionally, Occur, Occurred, Occurrence, Opportunity, Parallel, Performance, Perseverance, Persuade, Pharaoh, Possess, Possession, Possible, Precede, Principal, Principle, Privilege, Proceed, Proceeds, Process, Professor, Pronounce, Pronunciation, Publicity, Publicly, Pursue, Questionnaire, Queue, Receipt, Recommend, Refer, Reference, Referred, Relevant, Rhyme, Rhythm, Science, Sentence, Separate, Sergeant, Sight, Site, Succeed, Success, Supersede, Surprise, Temperature, Till, Tomorrow, Twelfth, Tyranny, Understandable, Until, Vacuum, Visible, and Weird.
Learn not only how to spell these 183 words, but how to pronounce them correctly, too.

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