how to spell spelling lesson on quit, quite, quiet

July 15, 2019

Welcome to my How to Spell spelling lesson on quit, quite, quiet
These three words are quite a spelling nightmare for many people.
Quit is a short vowel sound, I quit smoking. I quit my job. Add the magic ‘e’ and you get quite. They’re quite cute, they’re quite fluffy, it’s quite a hard word to spell. Quite is a longer sound than quit but still one syllable. quit quite

But quiet is two syllables qui / et quiet = shush! Be quiet.

A good way to remember the spelling of this to pronounce the syllables in quiet slowly: qu / et

It’s quite quiet today.

I quit my job because it was quite stressful now my life is quiet.

If you haven’t already watched my video on the magic ‘e’ then I suggest to do. It tells you all about how this silent letter changes the sound and meaning of words.

Thanks for watching and see you in my next video.

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