how to spell: tip 5 using memory tricks

June 28, 2020

Spelling tip number 5 from using memory tricks to help you remember spellings.

Memory tricks are great to help you remember difficult spellings, or the bits of spelling you keep getting wrong, especially to remember how many letters are in those notoriously tricky words embarrass, necessary, accommodate.

I also use tricks for deciding which homophone is right – peace or piece, stationery or stationary here or hear?

Or use rhymes to remember spellings like rhythm and diarrhoea / diarrhea.

There are various memory tricks you could use. One is seeing words-within-words. This is good for homophones. What are homophones?

Homophones = words with the same sound but different spelling & meaning – peace or piece? here or hear? there, their, they’re?

Can you see a word within these words – piece, hear, there – this will help you remember the correct usage for these words
piece – a piece of pie.
hear – You hear with your ear and you learn.
there – here, there, where, everywhere. This really helps you remember the correct usage.

We can use word within words for any word.
add an address – add ress
separate a rat – sep a rat e

Use tricks to help you remember how many letters are in words, which is useful for those tricky words embarrass, necessary, accommodate

embarrass how many r’s and s’s do you know?

= embarrass 2 x red cheeks because I’m 2 Shy Shy (play on too as 2) embaRRaSS
or I get Really Red And Smile Shyly

necessary can you spell necessary? = it’s necessary to have 1 x Collar and 2 x Sleeves (neCeSSary). or it’s necessary to cut some services

The following fantastic memory trick is from my student Annette
It’s necessary to remember the cesspool in the middle – necessary

rhymes can help
I’ve used this on occasions when I need the word rhythm like right now as I’m typing this!
rhythm has your two hips moving – it sums up rhythmn
because – big elephants can always understand small elephants.
or big elephants can’t always use small exits.

or if you have to write a sick note!
diarrhoea – British English
dash in a real rush hurry or else accident

or diarrhea American English without the o
dash in a real rush hurry else accident

chaos – cyclones, hurricanes and other storms create chaos.

These are from my student Annette
Emma faced a dilemma – dilemma
a new environment will iron it out – environment
Please keep quiet about your diet – quiet diet

So my spelling tip number 5 is use memory tricks to help you remember spellings and have fun with them, and use whatever works for you. By coming up with your own tricks it helps you remember them and the word.

If you use any memory tricks to help with your spelling let me know.

For more on strategies for learning spelling go to my website and check out my Spelling Strategies video.

Thanks for watching and see you in my spelling tip number 5

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