How to Teach Elementary Math Without a Textbook

November 22, 2020

What does “good math teaching” look like? The answer you get to this question will depend upon who you ask. But no matter who you ask, I bet most people today would say that just going page by page in the math textbook is NOT what it looks like.

If you do run across someone who says that, I’d invite them to go sit in a classroom for an hour each day with a teacher that does that and then ask them again.

I’ve gotten to sit in lots of classrooms, observing the teaching of math. Last week, I encouraged all of you to ditch that textbook. But when you do, what’s next????

I’m Christina Tondevold, The Recovering Traditionalist, and I hope you will stick around as we delve into How to teach elementary math without a textbook in our quest to Build our own Math Minds so we can Build the Math Minds of our kiddos.

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