Jean Cole 4th Grade Frontier Elementary Classroom Observation

May 4, 2020

Watch Jean Cole a 4th grade teacher at Frontier Elementary, teach an arts integration ELA lesson. See how she has developed a personalized style of learning that benefits all her students. Her students are so well versed on her classroom routines and procedures that they monitor their own learning. She has found a solution to overcome large class sizes and high student behaviors by offering flexible seating, choice, and student ownership for learning. Her students take attendance and recite the class behavior pledge daily before starting instruction. Jean does an expert job of annotating her learning target. Students work in groups to decide which discussion guidelines they will use to collaborate. In this lesson, students use techniques from an arts integration lesson to observe, infer, and reflect on images. Her students read articles on school uniforms and watch a short video on uniforms around the world to write a persuasive essay to state facts and opinions on adopting a uniform policy at their

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