Learning Korean | What It Really Be Like – Hangul

January 4, 2020

Hello, my name is Jessica, and this video is discussing what it’s like to be learning Korean. I thought it would be fun to split them up into skits, but the majority of this video focuses on Hangul. If y’all end up liking these videos, then I may do something on grammar and sentence structures. I’ll even see about putting together situational skits: first time meeting, shopping, going on a date. And I’ll add subtitles for all of that. We can just be out here learning together since my goal for this year is to work on my Korean, Spanish, and Speaking Mandarin. Please like, comment, and subscribe! And yes, I’m wearing my “Mirrors” merch by Jackson Wang lol

1. Learning Hangul
Although a lot of hangul has dual sounds, there are rules for when the sounds are used. However, there may be some modifications due to geographical location due to accents. It’s like learning European Spanish and going to any Latin American country, similar but different due to dialect and accent

2. Words with Different Meanings but Same Spelling and Pronunciation
Since Korean is set up object verb-subject, this really depends on the context on how some words may be used. The only way I can see car and tea getting mixed up in an actual conversation is if someone offered you tea at a car dealership lol

3. Spelling Words
This trips up so many foreigners. I’ve seen so many variety shows of this happening lol. This more so will happen if you’re focusing on speaking in Korean versus reading and writing. This is all dependent on how well you’ve memorized words or hear them.

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