Magic Intent Acoustic Music Video 12 String Original by Ylia Callan Guitar

January 12, 2020

Magic Intent Lyrics:

Explain the unexplained.
From myth into science.
Electro magnetics.
Feeling time and space.

Experiences fade.
A 10000 year lane.
Now we entertain.
Encompassing magic.

Paranormal waves.
The mirror of the gaze.
Look amid spirits.
Spelling words of change.
And dreaming of new days.
With candle light ablaze.
Defining the intent.
Focus on the sense.

Focused attention.
The wisdom of the sense.
A state of awareness.
There is no here or there.
There is no now or then.
Seeing through the space.
Before reality.
With no distinctions made.

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Guitar: Fender 12 String CD-100-12.

Music and video recorded with iPhone 6 – Samsung S5 mini and Macbook.

Software: AudioCopy – Garageband – iMovie.

Ylia Callan Bio and Musician Website.


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