Memory Game Spelling Words 2.0

July 29, 2020

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Memory Game Spelling Words is designed to encourage higher level thinking and reasoning in a fun, and friendly atmosphere.
* great tool for helping children master spelling words
* 600 words (Dolch’s Spelling List and more)
* single-player/two-player mode
* three word lists with some 600 words
*custom word list (create your own word list)
* number of cards: 6, 12, 18
*upper case or lower case letters
* child-friendly interactive interface with appealing visual and audio effects
* timing and scoring tracked and reported
* optional tapping game as a reward

Children of all ages and abilities can benefit using this application. You may choose the number of cards to play. Cards are chosen randomly. The task is to find matching pairs of cards. Success may be rewarded with a quick fun game. Apart from the application’s significant contribution in helping children master spelling words from the Dolch’s Spelling List and more, Memory Game Spelling Words is also a great tool for developing cognitive skills such as:
* Memory
* Concentration
* Reasoning
* Perception.

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