New! LetterSchool – Spelling Words Cot & Hot & Pot – Fun Phonics and Entertaining Animations

December 23, 2019

New! #LetterSchool – #Spelling #Words Cot & Pot & hot Fun Phonics and Entertaining Animations – Educational Video for Kids
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Download LetterSchool, an intuitive and engaging educational app that teaches toddlers & preschoolers phonics and how to spell over 100 common English words! LetterSchool’s applications are recommended and used by parents, teachers, and occupational therapists worldwide!

This educational spelling game allows young kids to develop, improve, and practice their spelling skills, build their vocabulary, and learn new words! Kids practice and advance their ability to recognize words and word patterns with fun phonics and entertaining animations.

– Discover similar words and syllables that are grouped together.
– Specific graphics available to match each corresponding word (e.g. pig graphic for the word Pig).
– Drag the correct letter to complete the word.
– Once a word is completed, each letter is spelled out separately. All with super fun animations and sound effects!
– Three engaging game modes (each step more challenging)
– More advanced levels prompt children to guess the word based on the graphic displayed.
– Final level displays seven cards (letters) to choose from, increasing the difficulty.
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