September 10, 2019

We may be having some fun with scammers but these people are dangerous and steal millions of dollars every year from people.

Report Social Security and Internal Revenue Service scams to the Office of Inspector General at 800-269-0127.

Report business scams to the Better Business Bureau at 703-276-0100.

Never give anyone your personal information such as your name, address, telephone number, age or date of birth, Social Security number (don’t even give them the last four numbers), credit or debit card number, or anything that can identify you. If a scammer asks you to verify your name or any of the above-listed information, do not verify it or give it to him/her.

These videos are for entertainment purposes only and are not an endorsement of any business, agency or product mentioned in any of the videos. Be warned, some videos may have some profanity.

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