Smart 5 Year Old | Spelling 9 Letter Words

November 3, 2020

5 year old Geneva spelling words aimed at year 3 school kids.

These words have been given to her by her reception teacher in preparation for her weekly friday spelling test at school.
Before practicing her spellings we like to test Geneva to see what she already knows before brushing up on any words she may be unfamiliar with.
This video was filmed on Tuesday and was the first time she had been given her new spelling words to spell in preparation for her test on friday and she scored a very good 12 out of 14 without any practice.

Here are the 14 words Geneva was given to spell in this video.
8 letter words: unbeaten, kindness
9 letter words: unselfish, unwilling, braveness, suddenness, powerless, brightest
10 letter words: Wickedness, speechless,
12 letter words: Childishness, foolishness,
11 letter words: Willingness
13 letter words: Misunderstand

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