Spelling words that describe me – Pt.1

November 25, 2019

Hey guys !! My name is Hope, I’m 13 and I’m obsessed with DM, TNS, The Crazy 8’s and Briar Nolet.
In this channel I release DM vids, and try to be really creative, at least once a week.

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💮Sub count : 197

💎Apps I use :
Thumbnails/Endcards/Pfps… :
PicsArt (and sometimes Canva)

Rankings and Intros :
Kinemaster Diamond, Video Show

AudioSwaps and Roleplays :

🎆 Facts abt me :
– I’m Spanish and English, but I live in France
– I started dancing when I was 5
– I’m an only child
– Favourite mom : Kira or Holly
– Favourite dance : Family court
– Favourite girl : Probs Elli, Maesi or Pressley
– My favourite color is purple
– My favourite number is 4
– I daydream a lot

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