Spelling words with the ible and able suffix

October 13, 2019

Examine spelling patterns for words ending with the ible and able suffixes.

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Shows examples of -able and -ible words and explains how the suffixes mean ‘able to be’. Explains that there are far more -able words, and that as a general rule removing -able leaves a root word, as in understandable – able = understand. Shows how a root word will usually have an ‘e’ at the end dropped before adding -able, as in value + able = valuable. Also goes through exceptions to this rule. Shows the ‘y’ becomes ‘i’ rule. Words ending in -ible are described as most often coming from Latin root words and goes through spelling rules.

Apostrophes for possession are explained and examples are given for plural and singular forms. Finally, the possessive pronoun its and the contraction of ‘it is’, it’s, are explained with examples.

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