Eine Woche mit elementary OS – Hot oder Schrott? | #linux #elementary

February 18, 2021

————————– DISCORD: http://discord.marcus-s.de ————————– elementary OS – eine Distro die von einer kleinen Firma in Grossbritannien entwickelt und veröffentlicht wird....

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Learn A Letter | Spelling words Coloring pages for kids A is for

February 15, 2021

Learn names of letter that stars with the letter A Apple, Ant Learn alphabet for toddlers ★ Subscribe Kids Kids...

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elementary OS 6 Odin – ein erster Einblick! | #linux #elementaryos #odin

November 8, 2020

————————– DISCORD: http://discord.marcus-s.de ————————– In diesem Video gebe ich Dir einen Einblick in eine Test-Version von elementary OS 6, die...

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Spelling Words With A

December 23, 2019

A video i made for my 3 year old daughter to help with her progression in spelling...

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Magical Ball Surprise Eggs Learn A Word | Spelling Words Starting With #A

October 31, 2019

https://youtube.com/watch?v=o26vIPJvdoU Learn Spelling Words Starting with “A” This Simple, Colourful Animated Magical Ball Surprise Eggs Teaches Spelling Words Starting with...

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