PE words — #spelling lesson 40 ( #sirlinkalottime #homeschooling #lessons )

February 21, 2021

PE words. Shake it all about and get some physical exercise: dance with R H Y T H M –...

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1st Grade Spelling Lesson

February 20, 2021

Imagine instead of starting with minimal vocabulary basal readers, first, second and third grade students are able to read such...

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Spodermen Spelling Lesson

February 19, 2021

subskrieb 2 mai frend julen: **SPODERMEN T-SHIRTS**: Created By: Facebook: Twitter: Voice Tool: Speakonia Thanks...

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Spelling Lesson 30–Even More Homophones (#sirlinkalottime)

February 18, 2021

Don’t fall behind on english/spelling during lockdown: L30. A dose of mushy ̶p̶e̶a̶s̶ / peace with your spelling in today’s...

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February 15, 2021

As a former elementary school teacher and a mom, I know that studying for weekly spelling tests can sometimes be...

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Conduction of heat – Elementary Science

January 7, 2021

This is a science video about Conduction of Heat for Grade 6-7 students. It demonstrates the transfer of heat with...

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Reflection of light – Elementary Science

November 6, 2020

This is an elementary science video that introduces the concept of Reflection of light to Grade 5-6 students....

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Evaporation – Elementary Science

November 5, 2020

EVAPORATION Evaporation is a process by which water gets converted from a liquid form to vapor form. Evaporation of oceans...

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Spelling Lesson 36–Subject: English Language & ‘Susie’s Stories’

September 24, 2020

Childish behaviour ahead today in spelling Lesson 36–Subject: English Language & ‘Susie’s Stories’. Today’s lesson is all about the oddities...

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Spelling Lesson 42: Science Words ( #sirlinkalottime #revision #lessons )

July 30, 2020

Is China leading the way in technology? Well, it will definitely help you to spell it. Discover how in spelling...

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