The Last of Us 2 – Chapter 10: Eastbrook Elementary All Collectible Locations (Artifacts, Cards)

July 18, 2020

The Last of Us 2 has 286 Collectibles – 127 Artifacts, 20 Journal Entries, 48 Trading Cards, 32 Coins, 14 Safes, 8 Training Manuals, 25 Workbenches, 12 Weapons.

Finding all collectible locations in TLOU2 unlocks the following 19 trophies:
Survival Expert – Learn all player upgrades [Gold] Arms Master – Fully upgrade all weapons [Gold] Archivist – Find all artifacts and journal entries [Gold] Master Set – Find all trading cards [Gold] Numismatist – Find all coins [Gold] Prepared For the Worst – Find all workbenches [Gold] Mechanist – Fully upgrade a weapon [Silver] Specialist – Learn all player upgrades in one branch [Silver] Safecracker – Unlock every safe [Silver] Sightseer – Visit every location in downtown Seattle [Silver] Journeyman – Find all training manuals [Silver] Survival Training – Learn 25 player upgrades [Silver] High Caliber – Find all weapons [Silver] In the Field – Find 12 workbenches [Silver] Tools of the Trade – Craft every item [Bronze] Starter Set – Find 5 trading cards [Bronze] Mint Condition – Find 5 coins [Bronze] Relic of the Sages – Find the Strange Artifact [Bronze] So Great and Small – Find the Engraved Ring [Bronze]

The Last of Us 2 Collectible Guide Playlist:

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The Last of Us 2 All Collectibles Locations Guide

Nothing is missable! Everything can be collected right away on the first playthrough. No upgrades are needed. If you forget an item, you can collect it after the story in chapter select or in New Game+. You don’t need to have all collectibles in the same manual save. All that matters for the trophies is that the collectibles show as complete in Chapter Select (they are stored on the profile save across all your playthroughs).
This all-in-one guide shows all collectibles per chapter (45 chapters total). There’s a collectible tracker in the main menu for each chapter. By following this walkthrough you’ll get 100% game completion and all collectible trophies.


#1 – Artifact 1/3 – 0:05
#2 – Artifact 2/3 – 0:05
#3 – Artifact 3/3 – 0:33
#4 – Trading Card 1/1 – 0:54


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