The Last of Us 2: Grounded Aggressive Gameplay Ellie [School – Eastbrook Elementary]

August 29, 2020

The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay on Grounded+ difficulty. Ellie had committed an Epic Aggressive Brutal Multi Kills. She kills several soldiers with a single bullet, blows up three with Explosive Arrows and Trap Mines and Molotov.

Chapter: Seattle Day 1 – Eastbrook Elementary.
Encounter: School.

This is a Game+, Ellie already has improved weapons:
– Trap mines +50% Blast Radius;
– Molotovs +50% Flame Radius.

Difficulty: Grounded+
Version: 1.05
Platform: PlayStation 4 Pro

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The Last of Us Part II videogame by Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Devious Hippo: I’m trying to record creative, epic gameplay. Stealth kills or no kills (I like that better). Aggressive gameplay or quiet passage. Sometimes without weapons.

00:00 School
01:56 Fails

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