The Top 10 Homeschool Science Curriculum Comparison Video for Elementary

June 30, 2020

Homeschool Science Curriculum laid out for you with inside flip-throughs, prices, and approach. If you are looking for homeschool science curriculum for elementary, this video will help give you an idea of what is out there and what may be a good fit!

Below is a simple time code skip tool so you can click on the time code and go to the section you are most interested in. All the links are also listed below as well as any relevant coupon codes.


Berean: 00:54
Sonlight: 03:54
AOP: 06:56
Real Science 4 Kids: 09:42
Masterbooks: 12:58
Elemental Science: 16:32
BJU: 20:20
Moving Beyond the Page: 23:54
Funschooling: 27:35
Science Shepherd: 30:09

Links/Codes (some are affiliate links):

Berean Builders:
Home Science Tools: CODE: HSON19
Real Science 4 Kids:
Elemental Science:
Bob Jones University:
Moving Beyond the Page:
Science Shepherd:

The blog post is coming next week with mini video clips if you prefer to skip and read/watch what is the most interesting. So stay tuned!

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