Virtual Learning for Elementary Students: Does it Really Work?

August 27, 2020

Elementary virtual learning is hard to conceptualize within our traditional understanding of ‘school’, but the digital transformation is happening

Virtual learning is NOT just a kid and a computer
– Highly interactive
– Synchronous sessions
– More time for other activities
– Intrinsic motivation vs compliance-based model of traditional learning

Great fit for some—but not all—students
– Child’s temperament/relationship with parent
– Need for structure?
– Availability of adult to be involved
– Access to/involvement in other social outlets?

Benefits of virtual
– Some kids can only handle so much social interaction
– Day can be more flexible, broken-up, and fluid
– Virtual courses taught by subject-specific courses instead of single teacher (more like high school) opportunity for more meaningful relationships with adults
– Easier access to targeted, personalized help

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