Working out with your kids/ heart healthy challenge

January 18, 2020

Word workout with kids
A: push ups
B: squats
C: twist
D: side bends
E: leg lifts
G: front kicks
H: back kick
I: jumping jacks
J: sit ups
K: punches
L: forward lunged
M: kick toe touch opp hand to toe
N: bend down to touch opp hand to toe
O: side to side foot taps
P: knee raises
Q: squats
R: front kicks
S: sit ups
T: back lunge
U: side bends
V: twist
W: kick to touch
X: punches
Y: bend down toe touch
Z: jumping Jacks

Put in her spelling words then pick 2 to do.
Draw number for how many.

Or draw 5 popsicle sticks. One end had a letter the other end has a number.

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